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Experience, Dedication, and Love for the Breed

Jersey Giants that grow up to be cherished companions, great layers, & potential winners! 


Breeding for the Betterment of the Breed without mass Production.

We are not a hatchery and do not offer other breeds of chickens other then QUALITY nicely laced Blues, Blacks, and Splash Jersey Giants


Update: Due to the Avian Flu scare across the USA, we are not allowing any individuals to come to our farm to pick up birds, but if interested we can meet you off of Exit 19 in Henryville, IN 47126 or we can meet you in Scottsburg 47170 at a selected time. Thank you for your understanding. 


WE ARE OFFICIALLY DONE HATCHING THIS YEAR.  Our hatch on 10/15/17 has been SOLD out.  IF YOU MISSED OUT ON GETTING JERSEY GIANT CHICKS PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE JANUARY 1, 2018 AND PLACE YOUR EARLY BIRD ORDER TO RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING! We appreciate all of our past and current customers and hope to do business again with you.  



 We successfully ship poultry and hatching eggs all over the USA.

 Visit our BUY NOW link and then please do a QUESTIONAIRE only  if interested in purchasing! Thanks, 


 This QUESTIONAIRE cuts down on the number of emails that are sent back and forth.

This form is only for future buyers and/or buyers that have purchased in the past.

A person needs to be precise as to the colors, sex, & quality desired.

The price of adult birds depends on if you want a pet, breed, or show potential birds.


PLEASE NOTE; We DO NOT share your information along with Email addresses

with any individuals.

IMPORTANT information on COPYRIGHTS and purchasing from other breeders is  at the very bottom of this page............




Maria's Jersey Giants
Box 246
Henryville, IN 47126
United States

alt: (502) 548-1075 Texting preferred

Copyright 2015- NO PHOTOS AND/OR ANY PART OF THIS WEBSITE ARE TO BE USED AND/OR QUOTED  NOR IS THE NAME MARIA HALL AND/OR MARIA'S JERSEY GIANTS ARE TO BE MENTIONED WHILE IN THE SELLING OF BIRDS AND/OR HATCHING EGGS THROUGH FORUMS, ADS, AND/OR AUCTIONS. My reputation is most important and Maria's Jersey Giants has NO control of the future breeding programs set forth by past customers nor do we have anything to do with the type of business that is conducted whether it be ethical or unethical. UNLESS WE KNOW YOU VERY WELL AND THERE IS TRUST ESTABLISHED WITH YOUR BREEDING PROGRAM WE WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT SWAP BIRDS AND/OR EGGS. THERE IS TOO MUCH JUNK BEING PRODUCED OUT THERE AND WE DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF IT. TOO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE SAY THEY HAVE SO AND SO'S BIRDS AND LET ME JUST SAY IT IS NOT THE SAME UNLESS YOU PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE ITSELF !!!!! WHILE A BREEDER USES THE APA STANDARDS AS AN AIDE IN SELECTION OF FUTURE BREEDERS .........EACH OF US AS BREEDERS ESTABLISH OUR OWN STANDARDS........AS WE KNOW SOME BREEDERS HAVE HIGHER STANDARDS THAN OTHERS. This is what establishes the quality produced by good breeders and the qualities of those that have lower standards producing QUANTITY OVER QUALITY and by producing numerous types of breeds. We breed only QUALITY splash, blacks, and nicely laced  blue Jersey Giants with exceptionally nice lacing! Please note that our baby chicks come from quality BREEDER AND APA Quality birds, however with this being said we can not guarantee "Show" birds. Expect to have possible pet, breeder, and our APA show bird types just as the case if you are raising any other species. Some birds will turn out nicer than others.
Honesty is always the best policy! If you show respect you will get respect!

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Maria's Jersey Giants
Box 246
Henryville, IN 47126
United States

alt: (502) 548-1075 Texting preferred